A wee visit to Dig In
Wandering around Bruntsfield, I came across two new ventures.  181 Deli on the corner and Dig In, a community owned and run greengrocer and speciality food shop.
181 Deli looked very interesting and I did pop in and buy some Edward and Irwyn Honeycomb Chocolate (not good for the diet, but very moreish!)  We will return and do a full review soon, as they also serve coffee and cake!
Today, it was Dig In took my interest with their wonderful window displays of fresh fruit and vegetables.
The incentive for the venture came when Sainsbury moved into the Peckhams shop.  The community decided that it would try to create an independently, community owned and run Greengrocer shop to compliment the other independently owned shops in Bruntsfield.
Lots of hard work and fund raising resulted in Dig In being created.  Members of the public can by shares in the business, min £25.
In addition to all the fresh fruit and vegetables, the shop also has daily bread deliveries from a variety of artisan sources and each day offers a different suppliers loaves.  Breadshare and The Engine Shed are represented.
Past the counter and through into the back shop,another room holds all their dry deli ingredients, oils and specialist food products.  This room isn’t immediately obvious and I worry that people will miss it.  I purchased oatcakes from The Engine Shed and they were delicious but very crumbly – if you buy them treat them well on the way home or you will end up with very tasty dust!

If you are in the area, please do go and support these new businesses.   The quality of the fruit and veg was excellent and you will always find high quality seasonal products.

We must use these wonderful local shops or we will loose them.  Even though your purchase may small, if you are a regular customer you can make the different between success and failure of these independent businesses.  Bruntsfield appears to be thriving, unlike Stockbridge, which now has around 15 charity shops. Sadly Stockbridge has lost lots of it’s small independents as the supermarkets circle.  Aldi and Lidl might be cheaper, and the quality acceptable but no one is more passionate about good quality products than the small independent shop keeper.

The Dig-In shop can be found at:
119 Bruntsfield Place
Edinburgh, Scotland EH10 4EQ
United Kingdom

Opening hours are:
Monday – Friday 9am – 7pm
Saturday 10am – 6pm

They are also on Facebook and Twitter too – so join the conversation there for regular updates.

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