Galvin Brasserie de-Luxe masterclass at the Waldorf Astoria in Edinburgh are currently hosting a series of unique evenings with each month focusing on a different drink.  You get to try various examples of the drink along with a selection of fabulous cheeses. We were invited along for their October Madeira Wine and Cheese Masterclass, to see what it was all about.

What happens at the Galvin Brasserie de-Luxe masterclass?

We were joined by six other enthusiastic pupils to learn all about Madeira wine from our expert resident sommelier.  Each person gets to try four large glasses of Madeira matched with a generous plate of cheeses from Scotland and further afield.   After an introduction to the Madeira wine making process and to each different wine, we had the opportunity to taste each one in turn.   The table is set up in a secluded part of the restaurant resulting in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of chat around the table as we discussed the finer points of each wine.

Galvin Brasserie de-Luxe masterclass Madeira choices

We started off with the Sercial, the lightest coloured drink – sharp and acidic with nutty but fresh flavours – it is also very easy to drink.  Next up it was the Verdelmo with its lovely silky elegant finish and my favourite.   Drink three was the Boal, described as medicinal by quite a few of our fellow tasters and was much more herbal than the previous two with a very long finish – it certainly divided opinion.  The final Malmsey was the sweetest of all and perfect with the strong blue cheese – also ideal with your favourite dessert with its creamy flavour.

What about the cheeses?

There is absolutely no shortage of cheese!  We had a plateful of 6 generously sized chunks of cheese, served with a mixture of crackers, oatcakes and fruited loaf.

The cheese line up was: Vacherin Mont d’or from France, Barwheys Beastie from Ayrshire, Double Barrel from Lincolnshire, Bleu d’auvergne from France, Belle de Sancerre from France and Brie de Meaux Donge from France. Cheese lovers will really enjoy tasting all the different cheeses which change depending on the particular drink masterclass.  That makes the perfect excuse to book up for multiple masterclasses!

Excellent range and selection of cheeses.

What other masterclasses are coming up?

Bordeaux Wines and Cheese Masterclass
Thursday 17th November 2016

Scottish Cheese and Whisky Masterclass
Thursday 15th December 2016

Cheese and Port Masterclass
Thursday 12th January 2017

Cheese and Sweet Wine Masterclass
Thursday 9th February 2017

Wines from Tuscany and Cheese Masterclass
Thursday 16th March 2017

Spanish Wines and Cheese Masterclass
Thursday 13th April 2017

Sauvignon Blanc and Goat’s Cheese Masterclass
Thursday 11th May 2017

Beer and Cheese Masterclass
Thursday 8th June 2017

We have added Galvin Brasserie de-Luxe masterclasses on to our Boys Eat Scotland Foodie Gift Ideas List for 2016 as at £29 per person they make the ideal Christmas gift for the foodie in your life.  The evening is relaxing and informative, lasting around one and a half hours and we felt that it was good value.  Places are limited to it’s best to book up as early as possible to secure your space.

Where can I find our more information?

More information is available at Boys Eat Scotland Blog here or at Galvin Brasserie de-luxe masterclass website here.


Many thanks to Galvin Brasserie de-Luxe for inviting us along to their Madeira masterclass.