Highland Boundary captures the unique and different flavours of Scotland, distilling them in to wild-inspired natural spirits with new and remarkable flavours.

Our first release is Birch and Elderflower Wild Scottish Spirit. It’s a modern Scottish spirit, inspired by Scandinavia. We use birch buds and elderflowers lovingly picked from spring woodlands near our on-farm distillery. We work our magic with them and copper distil them to produce a smooth, tantalizing and surprising flavour with a long, warm aftertaste.

We think it works great as a shot, over ice or if you prefer something longer, try it with soda water and pop in a slice of apple. It’s a great alternative to gin or vodka in cocktails.

Highland Boundary was the idea of Marian and Simon who live and work near the pretty market town of Alyth in Perthshire, Scotland.

Our name comes from the geological feature, the Highland Boundary Fault, on which our farm (Kirklandbank Farm) lies. We have one foot in the Highlands and one in the Lowlands of Scotland. To the North of us lie the Angus glens and the mountains of the Cairngorms and looking South our distillery has stunning views of the fertile Strathmore valley.

By combining grain spirit from the South and botanicals from the Highlands we are crafting a new generation of Scottish spirits firmly rooted in the Scottish landscape.

Marian says, “Our aim is to bring you the flavours of the Scottish wilderness. After a few years in development, we’re excited to now launch Highland Boundary and the first of our new Wild Scottish Spirits.”

We hand-pick all of our botanicals from Scottish woodlands either on our own farm or nearby. We are careful to only harvest a small amount of the foliage, flowers or berries from any single plant, taking in one season only what would be browsed naturally. This means plants stay healthy and we leave plenty for the wild animals, birds and insects that also rely on mother nature.

We combine our Scottish botanicals with grain spirit and mineral-rich spring water from Alyth Hill which has been naturally filtered through the 450 million-year-old Devonian sandstone bedrock of Strathmore.

In the magic-making, we use a combination of infusion, distillation in our copper alembic still and post-distillation infusion to obtain the maximum botanical flavour in our spirits. Simon says, “We think we’ve got something different that builds on the traditions of distilling in Scotland. By using novel Scottish botanicals in surprising combinations we are creating a new generation of Scottish spirits with remarkable flavours.”

We’ve developed our first product in conjunction with Dr Annie Hill and her team at Heriot-Watt University International Centre for Brewing and Distilling and have more varied and unusual Wild Scottish Spirits to come.

Highland Boundary Ltd is a distillery in Alyth, Perthshire

If you would like to purchase a bottle of Highland Boundary or would like more information, please call Marian on 07917 430200 or Simon on 07713 069965, or email hello@highlandboundary.com

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