Iain Burnett’s Highland Chocolatier: Exquisite Chocolates Made in Scotland

The Highland Chocolatier is one of Scotland’s, sweetest hidden gems. Many tourists travel to Scotland for our exquisite food and drink. Whether you enjoy a tipple of luxury whiskies or would like to try something more traditional like haggis, the Scottish Highlands is full of wonderful independent businesses that can offer the real taste of Scotland.
Highland Chocolatier create gourmet chocolates in the heart of Scotland’s Highlands. Thousands visit, Master Chocolatier, Iain Burnett’s kitchen to taste his award winning range of luxury truffles.
Iain Burnett’s kitchen is home of the world’s “Best Dark Truffle” after winning at the International Chocolate Awards. The Velvet Truffle creators, offers a selection of vegetarian and vegan options, making it a perfect destination to eat for tourists and locals.
Visiting the Highland Chocolatier

The Highland Chocolatier can be easily added to any customised gourmet trip in Scotland, this four-star attraction has a coffee house, gift showroom, gourmet chocolate shop which chocolate lovers can enjoy while visitors are there.
The Highland Chocolatier coffee house is connected to The Scottish Chocolate Centre. This visitor destination is dedicated to chocolate and its origins, and guests get a behind the scenes tour of the kitchen where all of the chocolate is created and made.
You will be spoiled for choice in Highland Chocolatier’s retail showroom as it’s cabinets are packed with Iain Burnett’s exquisite chocolates. Taste bespoke chocolate that has been freshly wrapped in the kitchen next door.
Iain chocolate can be bought in store or online, however, a trip to the Highland Chocolatier showroom means you can learn more about Scottish chocolate and cuisine, making it an excellent day out for friends and family who may be visiting from overseas.

Highland Chocolatier
Highland Chocolatier

Exquisite Chocolates: Whisky Chocolate at Highland Chocolatier

This is also a great trip for Whisky lovers. Whisky is one of Scotland’s most famous exports. The Scot’s sell whisky in around 200 markets worldwide and whisky accounts for 80% of Scotland’s food and drink export market.
Highland Chocolatier pay tribute to our most loved export and claim that they create the “world’s best whisky chocolate”. The brand has handpicked a selection of flavours which match with Scotland’s most popular whiskies.
Highland Chocolatier’s whisky and chocolate pairings range holds the “Whisky Tasting Box”. This indulgent selection is filled with delights, including the award winning, Velvet Truffle. Highland Chocolatier’s indulgent range is acclaimed for its naturally infused fruit and spice truffle taste. Highland Chocolatier has a range of chocolates that match perfectly with:

Cragganmore 12-Year-Old
Caol Isla 12-Year-Old,
Dalwhinnie 15-Year-Old,
Glenfiddich 12-Year-Old
Glenkinchie 12-Year-Old
Lagavulin 16-Year-Old
Oban 14-Year-Old
Talisker 10-Year-Old.
Bunnahabhain 12-Year-Old.

Highland Chocolatier
Highland Chocolatier

The World Famous Velvet Truffle Range

The Velvet Truffle collection is perfect for gift giving. If a loved one enjoys the rich taste of Scottish chocolate, these delicious pure chocolate ganache truffles would make the perfect addition to a gift hamper during the festive period.
The Velvet Truffle’s award winning recipe took years to create and it is now Scotland’s most awarded chocolate. Iain Burnett claims that The Velvet Truffle range’s secret to success is the fresh, natural ingredients inside the delicious chocolate range.
“Many years of work has gone into the Velvet Truffles so it’s fantastic that such a pure ganache – just rare cocoa and a very particular fresh cream without additives – is recognised by pastry chefs, restaurateurs and members of the international Grand Jury.”
All Highland Chocolatier products are made here in Scotland. The Highland Chocolatier’s kitchen is based next to the Scottish Chocolate Centre in Grandtully in Highland Perthshire. Next time you are visiting Perthshire make sure that you visit The Highland Chocolatier. The home of the Velvet Truffle is a must see destination in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

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The Highland Chocolatier


This is a guest blog written by Suzanne Vallance of The Highland Chocolatier.

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