Brand new Edinburgh seafood restaurant, The Fishmarket, is set to launch in April 2018, at Newhaven Harbour.

Gary Welch, Owner of Welch Fishmongers, and Roy Brett, Chef Patron Ondine, are the dynamic team behind the new venture.

Having built up a strong supplier-chef relationship over the past fifteen years, the duo decided to bring their industry expertise to Newhaven Harbour, and create the ultimate seafood dining experience.

The menu is yet to be announced; however the collaboration between Welch and Ondine guarantees customers can expect the very best traditional ‘fish supper’ or indeed, a dozen oysters served at the champagne bar.

Historically, the unit was part of the ongoing fish sellers and merchants dating back to 1896, when fishwives once swarmed to the pier to buy fresh fish to sell. The vision by the two was to revive part of the old fish market, ensuring quality, fresh fish and seafood is firmly at the heart of Newhaven.

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