We have dined and sipped cocktails with Mr Badger & Co a few times in the past and were excited to be asked along to experience his spiffing Brunch deal.  You can enjoy a Badger & Co brunch sharing board along with a generous four drinks each (yes, each!) for just £20 per person.  Stretching the hours of Brunch from 11 am until 4 pm, you get two hours to enjoy a leisurely feast of eating and drinking – the perfect spot for that catch-up you keep meaning to organise.

Badger & Co, Castle Street

It was a really miserable and wet October day so this was the perfect place to escape and bask in the shimmering glow of the Badger dining room.  Everything seems to sparkle here (including the staff) and we soon left our cares behind.  We had comfy armchairs to settle into as we decided on our first drink.  It was just gone 11 am so we talked ourselves into starting with coffees first rather than a cocktail.

Coffee to start

Our breakfast platter arrived shortly afterwards and we soon realised why they give you two hours.  It’s crammed full of delicious looking goodies – some hot, some cold.  The biggest challenge is deciding which order to eat in to enjoy everything at its best.  There are a couple of mini-bacon sliders, waffles, granola pots, churros, croissants, pancakes along with jam, chocolate dipping sauce and some spicy ketchup (try not to get them mixed up!).  There is also some fresh fruit to distract you from the carbs.

Our breakfast sharing board

The bacon sliders were the obvious first choice – a couple of rashers of bacon in a soft brioche bun that hit the spot.  Washed down by the last of our coffee, we felt that a cocktail would be in order next.  You can choose from a Bloody Mary, Toads Twisted Mary (made with avocado), Mimosa, Prosecco, Espresso Martini or a pint of Cold Town Beer.

Bacon sliders

We went for a refreshing Mimosa made with blood orange and fizz which paired well with our warm waffles, fresh fruit and drizzle of chocolate sauce.  You have plenty of time to relax and linger over your brunch so take your time and enjoy.


A glass of prosecco and a croissant were next up along with some tangy blackcurrant jam.  We were both amazed at the quality of the food and drinks on offer for such a bargain price.


Our final cocktail was an espresso martini and we almost managed to clear our board – it was a churro too far.  By this time, the place was full, with platters and cocktails appearing from all angles and lots of happy customers enjoying a Boozy Brunch at Badgers.

Espresso Martini

Brunch at Badgers is not to be missed – enjoy this while you can as it’s the best deal in town!

Book a table here:

Badger and Co
32 Castle Street

Tel: 0131 226 5430

Huge thanks to Badger and Co for inviting us along to sample their brunch menu.

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