Cairn O’Mohr, the berry fruit winery in rural Perthshire is celebrating their 30th year of wine making in Scotland. The Errol based business has been making berry wines since 1987.

Quietly perfecting their craft for thirty years, owners Ron and Judith Gillies have stood the test of time, consistently producing high quality and tasty berry wines for three decades.

Ron and Judith started the winery in 1987 with a few tools and a ‘teach yourself wine making’ manual. As Scotland’s oldest and largest winery, using local produce is a fundamental part of the wine making process for Cairn O’Mohr wine.

Situated in rural Perthshire, the award-winning range of wines are made from local fruit sourced within a 25-mile radius of the winery.

Cairn O’Mohr has been a successful business story, supporting jobs in the local area and giving back to the community. Now the winery boasts a shop, café and bottling line providing 15 jobs.

In celebration of their 30 years in business and growth into supermarkets UK-wide, the brand has undergone a refresh with new bottle labels of the core range of wines.

Evolving their iconic Celtic designs, the new labels include an updated graphic of the familiar Cairn O’Mohr peacock. Owner Ron Gillies has added his own insightful and playful tasting notes on each bottle. Featured on the new Raspberry wine label, “Beautiful rasps from the berry fields of Perthshire (and some from Angus).”

The new labels can be seen on their Strawberry, Raspberry, Bramble, Elderberry, Spring Oak Leaf, Autumn Oak Leaf and Gooseberry & Elderflower wines.

Owners Ron and Judith
Owners Ron and Judith

Owners, Ron and Judith Gillies said:

“We can’t believe we have made it to such a significant milestone. From humble beginnings making a few bottles of wine a year, we have turned our home wine making into a flourishing business. As our processes and orders have grown bigger so has our winery in Errol. Now we have a shop, café, run tours for visitors and supply trade and retail customers across the UK.

Being a part of the local community and using local produce is very important to us. Every part of the wine making process happens on site, from making the wine to bottling and distributing.

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we commissioned new labels and logos to be designed. We felt it was the right time to give the bottles a new makeover. We are excited to see the new bottles hit the shelves over the next couple of weeks.”

Cairn 0′ Mohr

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Photographs by Stewart Attwood

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