We never really used to eat much fish but over the last year we have been trying to have fish 2-3 times per week.  I remember Lady Claire MacDonald, from Kinloch Lodge on Skye once said that fish was the ultimate fast food.  She was right!  Fish doesn’t take long to cook and with all the different choices in Scotland it makes the perfect dinner.

This week we got the offer of a box of fish from Jimmy Buchan from Skipper’s Choice .  You might be thinking that you know the name Jimmy Buchan and you probably do.  Jimmy and his boat Amity II featured in the BBC Trawlermen Series showing the harsh reality of life fishing the North Sea.


Jimmy has been fishing for the last 40 years out of Peterhead and is so passionate about customers getting access to the very best of Scotland’s larder direct from his boat to their doorstep.

Our fish left Peterhead yesterday and arrived on the doorstep in Edinburgh at 10am today packaged in a chill box to maintain the correct temperature for the journey.  The fish is all ready to be used or frozen for future use.


This is the first time we have received a chilled delivery like this and it has worked so well.  Its the perfect way to stock up your freezer with top quality Scottish produce whilst directly supporting Scotland’s fishermen and small producers.

IMG_1687 2

Our task over the next few weeks is to come up with some ideas for cooking the fish.  Jimmy’s website includes lots of seasonal recipes so it’s the perfect place for us to start.   We will be blogging our recipes and pictures of the cooked fish as we go.  I will put a note of the types of fish we have down the bottom of the post and if you have any favourite recipes that we can use let us know.

You can check out Jimmy’s website here:

Boxes available are:

Box 1: The Skipper’s Choice Selection 1.5KG £19.50
Box 2: The Skipper’s Choice Starter Selection 2.9KG £39.00
Box 3: The Skipper’s Choice Standard Selection 4KG £69.00 and free delivery
Box 4: The Skipper’s Choice Delux Selection 5.4KG £95.00 and free delivery
Box 5: The Skipper’s Choice Chef’s Selection 6.6Kg £115.00 and free delivery
Box 6: Build your own

You also have the flexibility to add in extra types of fish and seafood to each box.

I think we often forget the effort and risk that goes into supplying fish.  It’s easy to pick up a bit of haddock at the supermarket, eat it and enjoy it but do we ever think about the person or crew that landed the fish and the conditions they have to work in.  Trawlermen was a great series that gave us a real insight into life on the North Sea. We think it’s great that Jimmy is now supplying his fish direct to the public and hope the venture is a great success.

If you enjoy fish, or want to eat more fish then why not try Jimmy’s fish and recipes.  Click on the boxes above to order and it will be delivered the very next day (subject to them being out fishing!). Keep an eye on twitter and the blog to see how we get on with our cooking!