This is something a bit different – a review of a business that is just starting and needs a little bit of help to spread the word.  At the moment Tea Zone is a virtual business that sells the most amazing blends of loose leaf tea.  Maria Oleksiak has a dream to turn her passion for loose leaf tea into a business opportunity that will bring her unique range of products to tea lovers everywhere.  Having spent January and February drinking a cup of her various blends each morning I can definitely say that she has got a fantastic product that deserves a wider audience.

I love tea and enjoy the ceremony of drinking loose leaf tea.  Time seems to slow down when you have to boil a kettle, warm the pot, measure out the leaves and wait for the perfect moment to pour and enjoy.  Maria helpfully provides the optimum brewing temperature and time for each blend of tea.  Each day I had a different blend to look forward to – each one tasted so different – some familiar, others less so.

Morning Light

My favourites were “The Secret of the Maya” – Ceylon and Assam Tea with chocolate chips, nibs and cacao – my two favourite things in liquid form – divine.  The “Flowers of Provence” blend was also delicious – a herbal tea made from verbena leaves, nettle leaves, fennel, lavender blossoms, sunflower  petals, mallow blossom, rose buds, thyme, rosemary and basil.  The tea looks beautiful and Maria has obviously spent a lot of time perfecting each blend.  If you want a refreshing start to your day I recommend “Morning Light” a blend of sencha green tea, mango, sunflower, cornflower and sunflower petals.

Flower of Provence

If you love tea then you can contact Maria on Facebook at Tea Zone or Twitter @OurTeaZone.  She will be starting a Kickstarter campaign soon to raise funds to open up a tea shop in her adopted city of Aberdeen.  If you own a tea shop and would like to stock her teas then I’m sure she would be delighted to hear from you – they look and taste stunning.  Or if you just love a decent cup of tea then you can also buy her tea blends on Facebook by clicking on photographs, then albums, the my teashop and sending Maria a private message.  Thank you Maria for giving my taste buds a great start to the year and hopefully your teas get the audience they deserve – good luck!

The Secret of Maya

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