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Tennent’s Lager launch new 30 minute drone delivery service – ‘Tennent’s Rapid’

Everyone knows that feeling – your friends are on their way round to visit and you’ve just realised you’ve got nothing in. Fear not, Tennent’s latest venture, which is guaranteed to take off, will deliver the perfect solution. From today (April 1st), the brewer will be offering ‘Tennent’s Rapid’, an exclusive airborne service delivering a 4-pack of Tennent’s Lager cans direct from Wellpark Brewery within 30 minutes, by drone. Customers will be able to place their Tennent’s Rapid orders via

The brand has been piloting ‘NBN’, the latest in drone technology. Customers who place their order online just need to enter their delivery location and our drones’ “Need Beer Now” technology will do the rest. Tennent’s Rapid delivers direct to your exact location, meaning that even customers who live in top floor flats will receive their four pack straight to their window. Applications have also been placed with local authorities across Scotland to allow for special ‘Taps Aff’ deliveries to Scotland’s green spaces over the summer months.

With drone technology improving all the time, Tennent’s Rapid hope to offer international deliveries in future, helping to grow the brand’s foreign markets. Preliminary trials are underway to offer Spanish customers ‘El Drono’ deliveries whilst Italy will enjoy their favourite Scottish lager via ‘Birra Rapida’.

The brand is also testing Tennent’s Rapid with a view to delivery of Scotland’s favourite by the actual pint glass. It will give consumers in busy pub beer gardens the opportunity to not miss out on the fun and avoid drinking other, inferior lagers.

JP Murphy, Head of Brand Marketing at Tennent’s said:

“We’ve been working on Tennent’s Rapid at Wellpark Brewery for some time now and it’s great to finally launch it. It’s important that our customers don’t fly off the rails when they’ve run out of their favourite lager, which was our main reason for introducing the service. The Need Beer Now (NBN) drone technology is unique and we’re chuffed to be at the forefront of what is a truly pioneering venture. We’re confident our customers will love it and it’ll really take off.”

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