A Quick stop for Coffee at Wellington Coffee.

I had to nip into town for a very quick shop on Thursday and managed to get parked no problem on Heriot Row.   Although it was dull, it was really mild, so after a whistle stop tour of George Street and Jenners I decided to treat myself to a coffee at Wellington Coffee, before heading back down the hill to the car.
Wellington Coffee is on the corner of Hanover Street and George Street in the basement just under Penhaligons.   Inside, it is very cosy with window bars and a few tables with lots of newspapers to read and views to watch.
Outside for summer they have outdoor seating at street level and also at basement level.
Starbucks sits across the road, but with Wellington Coffee’s wonderful offering, there is no choice to make.  Sadly lots of folks are pre-programmed to Starbucks, Costa and the other big brands and probably walk by Wellington Coffee without ever noticing it!  They don’t know what they are missing.
Firstly coffee from Wellington, is by far the nicest coffee in a Edinburgh City Centre.  Taste in coffee is a very personal thing, but my Americano had punch, taste, heat, and lingering deep flavours.


Cakes and tray bakes are displayed on the main counter.  They always look very rustic and appealing.  Scones seem to be extremely popular amongst the regulars so I will need to pop back for a mid morning snack to try them out.
When I visited the Carrot Cake looked very appealing, but it was a cake too far, just after lunch.  It was a toss up between Chocolate Brownie and Flapjack.  The flapjack won.
Filled with nuts, oats, seeds and buttery goodness, it felt like the healthy option, but probably wasn’t!
It was thoroughly enjoyable taking advantage of the lovely afternoon, sitting outside enjoying beautiful coffee and baking.  The festival over, the city reclaimed for another year.
If you’re in town and fancy a coffee, please pop in to Wellington Coffee and give them a try.  Each time you head for Costa or Starbucks, please think independent and support your local small businesses.
Would it be too much to go for 2 courses next time?  Scone, butter and jam, followed by Carrot Cake!
Let us know your favourite independent places for coffee and cake!



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